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Details of the Social Learning Program

Placement in Social Learning Groups:
We group students with peers that function similarly in cognitive, social, language and auditory processing abilities. It takes many hours of careful consideration to appropriately place students. Please include recent evaluations and IEP's if available. To help with the process we encourage you to provide us with many possible times and days in order to allow the maximum number of scheduling options. This significantly increases the chances that your child will be placed in a group. When filling out your schedule, please fill every square, so we have no doubt as to your availability.

Attendance Policy for Social Learning Groups:
Group work is dependent upon students attending as many sessions as possible. Groups run from September through December and January through mid-June. If you need to discontinue sessions for any reason, we ask for a two week notification so that we can try to find a replacement group member. Our program closes for most school holidays as we follow the school calendar. You will have one (1) excused absence per semester. You can use this one absence without being charged for missing your group time at the program. Beyond that, missed sessions will be billed as a regular session. On the rare occasion that everyone is absent from the group except for one child, we will still hold the session, but it will be an individual session for 45 minutes. This is a good opportunity to focus on your student's individual needs.

Parent Education:
Parents/caregivers are expected to attend the last 10 minutes of each therapy session to discuss with the therapist the new ideas learned during the session. The student's growth depends on all adults living and working with him/her to learn these new concepts along with the student and then encourage their use throughout the day.

The Cost:
Please see the Session Info page regarding fees. Payment is due at the time of service each week, or you may prepay at the beginning of each month. We do not accept any insurance.

The application form must be filled out completely even if you have attended sessions at our program before. Remember, the more time slots you make available for us to choose from, the more likely it will be that we are able to place your child in our program.

Please return the application as soon as possible for scheduling and mail to:
Friends Connect
396 Golf Drive
Oceanside, NY 11572

Or fax to:

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