Friends Connect: Social Thinking Skills Groups, Oceanside NY
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Our Mission

At Friends Connect, an innovative, exciting and unique curriculum is implemented based on Michelle Garcia Winner's, Social Thinking® philosophy and methods.

All of our groups are kept very small (maximum of 4 students) so that individualized attention can be given to each client.

What puts Friends Connect in the forefront, is that we teach the THINKING behind the skills that need to be learned. We do not teach the skills by rote--we teach the importance of WHY so that skills are easily utilized in various day-to-day situations.

We address a multitude of social cognitive challenges that occur every day; not only at home, but during the course of the school and work day.

Perspective taking skills, conversational skills and "reading" our listeners are just a few of the many social thinking skills that are covered in depth.

Parents and other adults are an integral part of the learning process. The final 10 minutes of each clinical hour will be spent with both parents and students. A review of the session's new social vocabulary and methodologies will be reviewed, discussed and modeled. It is expected, that what is taught, will be transferred to the daily life routines that will take place outside of the structured setting of Friends Connect. This will take time, practice and patience. As we know, an infinite number of social situations occur on a daily basis!

The curriculum incorporated in our Friends Connect clinic is based on Think Social® (created by Michelle Garcia Winner). It is designed to focus on the many stages of social growth. Students are grouped not only by age, but also by their level of social thinking skills.

Age appropriate language skills are required in order to qualify for group placement.